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Socialization delivers personalized social media content – complete with captions and images – straight to your inbox on a regular basis.

Powered by GPT4 AI

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Step1, Enter your business info. Step 2, Receive multiple options, Step 3, Select from them and publish across channels.

64% of businesses spend 5+ hours on social media management weekly! *

There must be a better way...

How Socialization can help?

1. Set Business Details

Fill out a form with basic business details. The form will ask for your business name, a description of your product or service, and other relevant information. Providing this information helps us personalize our services to meet your needs.

2. Get Content

You will receive tailored content for upcoming events in your mailbox. We offer three types of events: Calendar events, like New Year celebrations; Periodic events, featuring regular updates; and the Custom events, such as your business anniversary, is coming soon.

3. Last Touches

The service offers the option to modify the content to your liking using our AI assistant. Plus, you can easily distribute and schedule your content across your connected social media accounts, including Instagram and Facebook, for maximum impact and reach.

Socialization is about to transform the way you handle your online presence and give you more time to focus on your business!

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* https://www.statista.com/statistics/188451/amount-of-time-spent-for-social-media-marketing-per-week-in-2011/